Artist Biographies

Juanishi Orosco: 

A painter, muralist, printmaker and computer graphics artist. He has been a member of the RCAF since the early 1970’s while attending CSUS. He has served as an Artist in Residence in communities and schools for the California Arts Council and the Sacramento Arts Commission. He has been one of the most active muralists in the Sacramento Valley receiving both public and private commissions. He has completed murals in Woodburn, Oregon and San Diego as well as in Sacramento. His murals can be seen at Southside Park, in the tunnel between Downtown and Old Sacramento (Laserium) and at the California State Health Services Offices.

Stan Padilla:

A painter, writer, muralist and jewelry maker. He abandoned the "galleried path" over thirty years ago to dedicate his creativity to serving communities. His paintings have been seen in community galleries and in RCAF group shows throughout the state. Stan has completed murals at Southside Park, the Macy’s downtown parking lot, and the California State Health Services Offices. He is a family man and spiritual mentor to many young people. He currently lives and works on twenty acres in the Colfax/Weimar area where he is developing an artists’ sanctuary and spiritual cultural center.

Esteban Villa:

Born in Tulare, California. He is a graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland. He became part of the art faculty at CSUS in 1969. He is now Professor Emeritus having achieved that status since retiring after 25 years of teaching. He is the co-founder of the RCAF. In addition to his drawings, prints and paintings, Esteban is a master muralist. One of the earliest murals is at the Washington Neighborhood Center. His (and Juanishi Orosco’s) mural, Laserium, is seen by thousands daily as people pass through the tunnel connecting the Downtown Plaza to Old Sacramento. He also has murals at Southside Park and the Macy’s parking lot. His mural, Mujer Cosmica, located at San Diego’s Chicano Park and originally painted in the mid-1970’s was renovated in 2009. He has taught, lectured and conducted workshops in various Universities in California.

Juan Manuel Carrillo (Project Manager): A painter, historian and writer. He retired from the California Arts Council in 2005 after twenty-seven years, most of those as Deputy Director of Programs. He is a graduate of UC, Berkeley where he majored in American History and fought for ethnic studies. He is an original member of Quinto Sol, the first Chicano student organization at UCB, and served on the editorial board of El Grito, A Journal of Contemporary Mexican American Thought. He received a Master’s degree from CSU Sacramento and taught at Cosumnes River College. His book, a biography of his grandmother’s life, Laughing With Tears In Her Eyes, was published in 2017. As a member of Los Escritores del Nuevo Sol, his poetry has been published in the most recent collection of member poems. He is a founding member of the RCAF.